workshop: Text kitchen/theory/discussion

13. März 2010

@ HUS (Rathausstr. 19-21 – neben NIG)

Text kitchen/theory/discussion:
university struggles in the context of a broader struggle for a self
determined life

the demands of recent university movements may easily be interpreted as
paradox. even where they have been phrased in a way that seems to be
reformist, they often reach much further than what would possibly be
enacted from above by those currently in power. an honest look at recent
neoliberal reforms such as the ones made in the context of the bologna
process shows that they are mostly functional within the current
economic and political system.

in the society that we live in, there is no need for emancipating
education or free learning, much rather it is necessary to make people
obedient work force that thinks independently only if it helps ensure
profit. thus, a true change in the way education works cannot be
achieved if the society as a whole doesn’t change. this change can only
come from below. the forces in power have little to no interest in the
kind of change needed.

whereas this change cannot be achieved in a singular struggle at
universities, they can be one possible starting point for a broader
struggle to change the conditions of life in general and in the long run
overcome the existing systems of dominance.

this workshop can be a platform to discuss alternative strategies and

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